Medical Spa, Divine Med Spa, doubled patient sign-ups and increased web traffic by 500% in three months thanks to Brighter Click.

Divine Med Spa was relying on traditional marketing methods to reach new patients. They were uncertain how effective their efforts were, and what it was costing to bring in new patients.

They had no systems in place to track and measure their marketing efforts, manage their appointments, or re-engage their existing clients to encourage follow-up appointments.

"I was answering 150 calls or more per week and messaging back and forth on Facebook with 20-25 people. I couldn't keep up with other tasks and stayed stressed out, said Carol, Owner of Divine Med Spa. "I was nervous about change; I'm old school. I'd always tried to deal with everyone personally. I was worried it would be hard for me to learn how to work a new system."

As a single location Medical Spa, Divine Med Spa did not have the budget, time, or staff to proactively create and manage a new website and digital marketing campaign. Then they found Brighter Click.

Divine Med Spa partnered with Brighter Click to design a new website and launch a digital marketing campaign.

Working with Brighter Click, Divine Med Spa was able to increase their brand awareness, automate their marketing efforts, and build their client base while maintaining focus on their core business and service goals.

“Now the website does the work for me. They can book their appointments through it and even fill out their forms before they come which helps save time for them during their visit. I have new clients weekly thanks to the marketing and have seen my social media pages grow more than ever,” said Carol.

With Brighter Click, Divine Med Spa can more effectively reach their ideal patients with digital marketing efforts that stay within their budget.  
"It's been so easy to use and I can't believe all the extra time I have now. It's been the best decision I've ever made." Carol said.

Results + Benefits

Improved Engagement
"I didn't have the time to send out an email every week. Using this automated email campaign has increased the amount of times patients come for a follow-up appointment," said Carol.

Capture Attention
“Brighter Click made marketing a breeze. Our Weight Loss Program is booming. I checked how many we saw last January and it was around 90. We've seen that many after tonight in 10 days; that's just 4 clinics," Carol said.

Time & Energy Savings
Effective marketing can be time consuming. "Before I started working with Brighter Click I was answering 150 calls or more per week and messaging back and forth on Facebook with 20-25 people. I couldn't keep up with other tasks and stayed stressed out," said Carol.

Cost Effective
"Before Brighter Click, I wasn't able to track how much it cost for each new patient to come in. Now I get a weekly report from them showing how my advertising budget is being spent,” said Carol.

Divine Med Spa's Goal

Divine Med Spa is a Medical Spa that services the triad area in North Carolina. When they came to us they had traditional marketing programs in place, local radio and the newspaper, but were uncertain if it was bringing in any patients.

The owner of Divine Med Spa was aware of other projects we worked on and was onboard for an entire digital marketing makeover. Utilizing Web Design and our Medical Spa Automated Marketing System we have more than doubled the size of their Medical Weight Loss Program.

Our tools

  • Website Build

  • Landing Pages

  • Paid Ads

  • Email Marketing

Automated appointment booking

We designed this website to share Divine's brand authority; driving potential patients to book an appointment with confidence. Using HIPAA compliant forms and Online Appointment Scheduling we were able to streamline Divine's patient on boarding process.

2x patient sign-ups

Using strategic ad retargeting we drove Divines' patient conversion rate at a higher percentage than they could achieve with traditional marketing.

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Optimized marketing budget

With our real-time tracking system, we tested audience and ad performance to ensure Divine received high-quality leads at a cost below industry average.

increased service cross-over for existing patients

Our automated email system help nurture potential clients into signing up for a consultation. As well as nurture existing patients into converting to new services.

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