7 Quick Tips For Medical Spa Email Marketing

· Posted on
May 27, 2020

Despite the rise of social media, email marketing continues to help businesses thrive, with 81% of SMBs relying on it as their primary customer acquisition channel. When you’re running an aesthetic medical practice, email marketing is vital for communicating with your customers, especially if you offer services beyond cosmetic surgery. If you’re getting started with your wellness digital marketing campaign, take note of these make-or-break do’s and don’ts first.

DON’T send out emails without a software

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 works to prohibit specific types of email spam, such as those that don’t allow recipients to opt-out of email subscriptions. In order to comply with this law, you’ll need to install the proper software. These programs are usually affordable, so your marketing budget won’t take a hit. You can also use them to customize and personalize your emails. 

DON’T use overly promotional language too often

Though you’ll definitely want to send out specials and promotions in order to make sales, consumers don’t want to be sold to 24/7. Keep your emails diverse by sharing practice news and keeping your subscribers in the loop about upcoming events and services. You can tell them about a social media network you’ve recently signed up for or a blog that you were mentioned in. Promotions are important but can easily turn subscribers off if they’re all you’re talking about. 

DON’T send out offers too early

As previously mentioned, it’s perfectly fine to send out an occasional email blast about a special offer you’re currently having. However, you won’t want to be too eager about it. If your offer expires in 3 months, your customers may simply forget about it. Share offers that expire between a week and a month to keep your subscribers engaged.

DO use a combination of images and text

If your email includes a hyperlink that readers need to click out to in order to see the rest of your content, chances are they’ll tend to overlook this and become disinterested. Be sure to keep the bulk of your email in text and convey only key information. Limit the use of images to your header, footer, and occasionally to support the text. 

DO stick with a recognizable template

As exciting as it can be to introduce a new design with every email blast, you want readers to grow familiar with your branding and recognize your practice through the visual impact you create. Don’t lose your identity by constantly changing your templates. Stick to an identifiable layout and color scheme, occasionally switching out certain elements. 

DO have a call to action every time

Whether you’re sharing a blog article, sending out a form for a free consultation, or informing your subscribers of an upcoming event, you’re going to want to conclude your email with something actionable. You can encourage them to share the article, send a completed form back to you, or RSVP to the event. 

DO promote events and specials outside of your email campaign

People use their email accounts daily, and while it’s an excellent vessel for sharing information directly, you don’t want to rely solely on it for making announcements. Take advantage of your website or social media channels, especially when it comes to audience participation and engagement. 

What medical practices tend to overlook is that your client’s wellness journey begins as soon as they click through to your website or hear from you for the first time. 

If you’re a beginner to Medical Spa email marketing, our team can help get you on the right track. We prioritize a seamless online experience and help you find ways to serve your clients better.