Email Campaign Guide For Medical Spas

· Posted on
March 17, 2020

Email Marketing Campaign For Small Businesses

Email marketing is not dead. It can be the easiest method of reaching your target audience and generating leads and conversions. By the year 2022, the amount of people who use email regularly is set to rise to over half of the world’s population (4.3 billion up from 3.7 billion in 2017).  


Especially for Medical Spa marketing, because you’re selling a service your audience has already used and loved, an email campaign should be a well thought out, dedicated form of communicating with your current clients. Everyone checks their emails and billions are sent each day - what’s important is that you develop a strategic campaign that will stand out among the rest, persuade your clients to open, read, engage, and hopefully convert them into purchasing additional services.


Before you begin sending any emails, there are a few things you should ensure are incorporated within the body of the email:


  • Create Segments (Tags) in your email marketing system based on the service your clients use. i.e "Botox Patients" "Medical Weight Loss Patients" "IV Therapy". Of the many uses, tags are an excellent method of grouping your contacts based on their services so you can generate even more finely targeted emails in the future. 
  • Create a subject line that you know your clients won’t pass over. If you’re offering a discount, new service, etc., let them know and add a hint of what that is in the subject without giving it away. A tried and true technique is the ones that flick our curiosity such as, “here’s how you can get your next service on us!” 
  • And, the most important of them all, the best strategic email campaign to convert clients into additional services: Create an automated email campaign (4-5 emails) to educate the client on the service, showing them raving testimonials from clients, and then converting them into booking an appointment. 

What is an email campaign? 

An email campaign is a pre-planned series of emails sent out over a set period to help nurture your email list into purchasing your products or signing up for your services. 


How to create an email campaign 

Here’s an email campaign template we’ve found effective at converting clients: 



Email 1: Welcome Email

This email sets the tone for your readers by showing them you will be actively communicating with them. It should be nothing more than a thank you with an introduction to your business. 


Email 2: Service information. 

In your first email, provide your clients with the medical benefits of your services, information on team members that provide the service including their credentials, and offer information about how certain services are provided (is it a one time service or an ongoing thing?). Aim to answer FAQs and link them to your website or a contact page to find more information. 


Email 3: Service Testimonial w/ CTA to Website. 

Testimonials are one of the most important pieces of online marketing. They add legitimacy and a sense of comfort to curious leads. If you already have or can have a client record a video testimonial do this! If not, then pull 3-5 testimonials from your Google or Facebook listing and insert them in the email. Be sure to include a Call To Action Button at least once in the email, allowing the viewer to schedule an appointment.


Email 4: Service offer w/ Pricing. 

Your third email should be where the pitch begins. Creating an offer that has a deadline will be beneficial. You could use seasonal sales, or a specific date deadline. Include the pricing of the service and if it is at a discounted rate make this very apparent. A useful tactic is to acknowledge that a specific discounted price is only offered to email subscribers. This will create a sense of importance and value for your clients.


Email 5: Service Testimonial w/ CTA to Website. 

Yes, more testimonials! “But I don’t have that many interesting testimonials that don’t seem repeated!” you say. Just to help you out more, we would like to give you a guideline to follow when asking for testimonials from previous and current clients. This works especially well for video testimonials. Click here to read our blog on creating testimonials that drive sales


Email 6: Service CTA w/ urgency. 

In the final email of your campaign, go back to the time-sensitive sale and discounts you are running. This last email is meant to remind your potential clients of the upcoming deadline for the offer. Don’t forget the Call to Action. 


Make your CTA large enough to be visible to viewers without taking up too much space. Keep your email short enough that the content and the CTA are visible on the same page of a desktop computer without requiring too much scrolling.


 If you only have a few open bookings for a particular service left before the deadline, say it! Nothing creates conversions more quickly than the feeling of missing out. “Only a few appointments left. Book now!” 


Even after your email campaign is finished, track your analytics and gear your future emails based on click rates and open rates. You’ll be able to focus emails based on what worked and what didn’t and find the best times and methods of reaching your clients!