Why Email Marketing Is Good for Your Med Spa

· Posted on
May 6, 2020

If you own and run a medical spa, digital marketing plays a vital role in growing your business. Without detailed and effective planning, your business will not succeed. Just like any other business, the health and wellness industry also needs to have the right strategies to be visible online.

Most businesses today spend their time focusing on SEO, social media ads, video advertisements, and so on to grow themselves. While these are all effective, some business owners overlook the significant value of email marketing to being able to reach more audiences and boost sales.

Here are five reasons email marketing is a vital tool to step up your medical spa marketing:

1. You have your customers attention

When people look for businesses online, most of them will search for information on search engines like Google. Since most enterprises utilize SEO to make themselves visible online, it makes it harder for new businesses to get on top of the game.

When an online user searches a medspa in Google, it is most likely that they will also see medical spa websites of your competitors. SEO is a great tool, but it isn’t easy to have your business rank instantly.

In email marketing, when you send a subscription email, your customers only see you. You have the full attention of your customers, and so it’s easier to persuade them to purchase products or services from you.

2. You can link content from your website

If you’re still new in the digital market, ranking your business on Google will take time. One of the SEO strategies most companies use is integrating keywords to their content. They also make sure to post regular content to maintain their rankings.

Email marketing can help new businesses with that. You can direct your current customers to your websites through your emails. You may not get a ton of traffic, but at least you’re getting authentic leads from authentic customers. So, make sure to include links to your subscription emails. You can link previous blog posts or new promos in the email.

3. You can send direct offers to customers

Everyone loves a good discount and freebie. With email marketing, you can direct your offers and promos to people who are already interested in your product or services. In that case, you have higher chances that your medical spa marketing will receive good results.

The difficult part about email marketing is building your email list. What you can do is to offer exclusive discounts and promos to customers who subscribed to your subscription emails.

4. You can exclusively promote new products or services

Creating new marketing strategies to promote new products or services can be costly, time-consuming, requires a lot of planning and hard work, and for the most part, risky.

As a new business in the digital market, email marketing will make an ideal strategy to promote your products or services. Not only is it a much easier and less costly option, but you can get good results and feedback. Assuming that all people from your email list like your products or services, it is most likely that they will purchase your new offers as well.

5. You can use automated messages

Email marketing is a convenient way of communicating and building a relationship with your customers. Through this, you can create consistent email campaigns that can help increase engagements. Although that’s the case, still make sure to send an unautomated, real response to your customers when needed.

Here are instances that you can effectively use automated messages or replies:

  • When they complete a new purchase
  • When there are new deals and offers
  • When celebrating a milestone

Regardless of industries, online businesses need a good set of marketing strategies to succeed. For new, small businesses, make sure to be cautious with steps because mistakes in the digital world are expensive. Start small, and you’ll eventually get yourself on top.

If you want to step up your med spa email marketing, get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you boost your business’s growth in the digital market.