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The Details

Automated online marketing allows businesses to reach potential clients at every stage in their journey, from brand/service awareness to conversion. A strategic online marketing plan is one of the most effective and cost-efficient strategies in today's marketing environment.

  • We use real-time data tracking and funnel automation to optimize campaigns, maximizing budget and improving ROI.
  • We drive client acquisition and revenue growth through engagement-focused campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.
  • We’ve created marketing systems to excel in the Medical Spa Industry

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OUR Automated system

Brightening your patients' online experience

Automated client Conversions

Our marketing system is built to help you acquire high-quality client leads at a cost below the industry average. We guide potential clients from brand discovery to scheduling an appointment without any effort needed from your staff.

Paids Ads

Not sure who your ideal audience is or what service they prefer? We start the campaign by putting your brand through three rounds of our Rapid-Fire Testing. During this process, we narrow down your audience, determine which offer performs best with them, and craft a message to drive conversions.

Funnel blueprint

Once we have your potential clients' attention, we direct them to a strategic landing page containing your offer.


Sometimes people need time to think things over before scheduling an appointment. Using our data collection system, we can retarget those who are interested in your offer and nurture them into a paying client.

Ad Spend Reporting

Not knowing how many people see or engage with your ads is a thing of the past. Our systems provide real-time data that breaks down how many people engage with your content, and what it costs you to bring in new patients.

The Process


During a creative meeting, we go over your brand identity, personas in your target audience, and the goals/objectives you have.

Design & Test

Time is spent creating and testing the ads and copy to ensure your sales funnel will generate optimal conversions.


We use daily tracking on ads and make creative adjustments when needed.

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