3 Common Healthcare Marketing Mistakes

· Posted on
June 17, 2020

In the medical profession, it’s clear that the experience of being a doctor or physician is one that never runs out of challenges no matter what stage of their profession they’re in. 

From establishing a solid, unbreakable reputation to getting in tune with the latest industry updates and developments, there’s no telling exactly how many challenges you may end up facing during your medical career. While the entire experience during these times is one that never gets easier, there’s one challenge that most practitioners struggle with far more often than they should: marketing themselves for success.  

The hurdle of successfully promoting yourself and how to overcome it

Admittedly, most, if not all medical professionals aren’t exactly the most adept at self-promotion (or marketing, in general). This is mostly because the entire experience of pursuing medicine leaves no room for anything else but study and application. 

If you’ve been fully immersed in the field for the past few years, you may have spent far more time worrying about the recovery and health of your patients than coming up with a marketing strategy for your clinic. While it may sound a bit trivial at first, the truth of it all is that learning how to draw in more clients will do you far more good than harm!

Fortunately, getting a head start on your marketing efforts isn’t as complex as you might expect, even more so if you’re watching out for crucial marketing mistakes that should be avoided! If you find yourself lagging behind with your current strategy or want to take your efforts up a notch, here are three common marketing mistakes that you should avoid in your practice:

Mistake #1: You don’t have a healthcare marketing strategy in place

Among all the different mistakes that you could possibly make when marketing your clinic or practice, none could possibly slow down your efforts than not having a strategy to work with!

Many medical practitioners, more often than not, skip the entire process of building a marketing strategy that actually holds the potential to reel in more customers. It is vital to start your actions off with a solid strategy because it sets the pace on what you need to work on and how you can improve your efforts along the way!

Mistake #2: You are not optimizing your website

Aside from not having a strategy at all, another common mistake that’s guaranteed to make your marketing efforts fail is not optimizing your healthcare website.

As consumers today continue to become more particular about the quality of their experiences, it’s clear that websites need to be on point in terms of quality, and medicine is no exception. By taking the time to improve your website design, evaluate your SEO efforts and plan accordingly, and make sure that all the functional details are in check, you’ll be able to optimize little by little that leads to more desirable results!

Mistake #3: You haven’t defined your target audience

Putting a marketing strategy together without knowing who you’re trying to reach out to is very much like aiming at a dartboard without looking –  you’re not going to get any good results no matter how hard you try. 

For practitioners, in particular, it is especially vital to understand one’s target audience because of how many demographics can be targeted well enough to make sure your message matters and your practice is approachable. With a bit of research your target audience, and by knowing what matters most to them and what motivates them to take action, you can build a stronger marketing strategy with better conversion rates in no time!

When it comes to getting your marketing efforts off on the right foot as a practicing physician, it is especially important to take all the right details into consideration. This is especially needed in avoiding common mistakes that could hurt your efforts. By taking the three common issues mentioned above into consideration, you’ll be able to see significant improvements in the performance of your strategy in no time!

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