3 Important Reasons Why Your Medical Website Needs SEO

· Posted on
July 15, 2020

Just like any other business, your medical website needs to have a sound strategy that will help you reach more people. This becomes even more necessary in the online world today, as misinformation about health practices are growing even more rampantly. 

As experts in the field of medicine, it is even more important that your well-researched and authoritative content land at the top page of results for people to see. Failing to rank higher won’t just mean potential losses in revenue, but it could also lead patients to read content from less-than-reputable websites that could either be misleading or incomplete. 

The best way to avoid this risk is by employing a series of techniques collectively called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If done correctly and consistently, SEO can help your website reach more people in the online world.

To cement that point, here are the top three reasons why your medical website needs to implement a strong SEO strategy. 

  1. Search rankings establish credibility

Credibility is a loaded word, but in the world of digital marketing, it simply means that people trust your brand and the content that you put out. In terms of SEO, it means that Google’s algorithm sees your website as an authority in the field and that your content adequately addresses the needs of users. The way Google measures authority and credibility has never been publicly disclosed, but SEO specialists point out that it is likely a combination of quality backlinks, related keywords, and your website’s overall traffic. 

This is important because Google’s impression of credibility translates to the real world. Websites who appear on the first page often get 71% to 95% of clicks, while those at the second page often get less than 6%. 

  1. Search results are not permanent

With over 2 billion websites on the internet as of January 2020, it’s likely that somebody else is already ranking for the keywords that you are trying to use—especially in the medical industry. After all, people have been trying to self-diagnose with the internet for as long as the information became available online. 

These rankings, however, are not cast in stone. Provided that you implement the correct SEO techniques and keep publishing authoritative content, you can outrank the competition. Take note, however, that this is also true for your competitors—they will keep working to improve and maintain the rankings they’ve earned.

Search rankings change all the time based on updates made to the algorithm. The only real way to maintain your ranking is to publish relevant information consistently. 

  1. SEO secures your digital marketing’s ROI 

SEO quickly recuperates your costs by ensuring that your website appears as an authoritative source of information. While it is true that SEO is a long term strategy, it also promises long term results—for as long as your website serves as a verifiable source of reliable content, of course. 

Great results may not appear overnight—but when they do come, they can keep serving your business for a long time. Provided that you are working with a reputable Wellness-focused SEO provider, then you should actualize your ROI in a short time. 

Ranking higher on Google search results does not only mean helping your business thrive, but it also means that people are reading articles that are coming from authoritative resources. While even the best content is still no substitute for a visit to your office, you can at least help combat misinformation when it comes to people’s health. 

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