3 of the Most Important Considerations in Health Writing

· Posted on
July 15, 2020

While many doctors don’t recommend turning to Google for diagnosis, it is, unfortunately, the first thing most people do when they’re experiencing the symptoms of any illness. Unfortunately, it might even be more necessary these days to check online before going to a hospital in order to avoid being infected.  

It is incumbent on health copywriters to make sure their articles are both informative and accurate. It must keep abreast of health guidelines from vetted organizations such as the CDC and the American Medical Association.

At the same time, copywriters must design their articles with SEO in mind, even in light of Google Medic’s August 2018 update. In fact, SEO is more important now than ever before in order to deliver information more efficiently to the general public.

For you to be the best health copywriter you can be—both for the sake of the brand you write for and the sake of everyone looking for information on their health—here are some tips and considerations in SEO writing for health:

1. The user experience matters

The user experience is the most important aspect of any website if it wants to succeed, and health websites are no exception. Any website should be easy to access and convenient to navigate. Everything from the load times to the look and feel of a website must be taken into consideration. If your website takes too long to load, users may exit in favor of another. This can affect your bottom line and search ranking on Google negatively if not immediately addressed. 

2. Your client’s website must be mobile-accessible

The majority of internet searches are now made on phones and mobile devices, and as such, your client’s website must be mobile-capable in order to serve the needs of the average user. Google is also more likely to index the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version when it comes to searches.

A person in an emergency situation is also highly unlikely to have the capacity to open their laptop, so your client’s mobile website has to be accessible and functional on other devices. Make sure to test the experience to see whether the site is readable on a phone and fully operational. 

3. It depends on the SEO strategies you use

If the website is a representation of a health and wellness establishment, it might be great to use local SEO to boost your client’s business. Just dropping the name of the city occasionally in the article is likely to increase your client’s rankings for related searches in the area. Make sure your client also claims their Google My Business page and to keep it updated with all their contact details.

Make sure to also use simple language, as most users do not have the expertise to search for the more technical jargon used in the health field. Think of the most commonly asked questions and terminologies patients use when asking about their illness. Base your writing on these, and you are likelier to attract the layperson when they search.

SEO for health and wellness establishments and informative websites is a trickier field of copywriting than most, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming so long as the right approach is in place. 

Now more than ever, health concerns are being voiced and dealt with through Google and the internet, and as such, it is the duty of every content writer to adapt and innovate.

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