3 Tips For Boosting Automated Marketing Strategies

· Posted on
June 10, 2020

Although much progress has already been made, technology is still regarded as a quick-fix solution for most marketing campaigns. Marketing technology is still in its infancy, but the expectations surrounding it are through the roof. 

Marketing automation indeed provides solutions unseen before, but it’s not the immediate magical fix everyone believes it to be. It still needs the support of marketing strategies, with automation platforms used as foundations when delivering insights and excellent customer experiences. In other words, if you wish to invest in marketing automation, you need to commit to maximizing its capabilities. Just as you nurture your customer journeys, you should work on shaping and using these powerful technologies. The key to marketing is creating good content, and marketing automation helps match that with the right audience

Regardless of your goals, here are three tips to help you boost your automated marketing strategies, guaranteed to strengthen your already existing campaigns:

1 - Segment your audience list

The process of segmenting your audience pertains to the separation of customer lists and potential prospects, curated into a list of unique categories. These segments should be defined based on your industry. For a medical spa, this could mean categorizing your customers based on age and location. From there, you will be able to identify the most useful data, helping you target specific types of customers. These segments can also be utilized for your med spa email marketing, as it helps you send out the right content to the right audience. Coupled with automation, you’ll also be able to decrease the chances of your content ending up as spam.

2 -  Focus on making quality content

As previously mentioned, content is the backbone of marketing strategies. As such, creating quality content is crucial for lead generation and customer retention. Committing to delivering quality content that appeals to various segments will ensure that your campaigns will leave huge impacts. Marketing automation, on the other hand, will reduce any redundancies present in your system. There will be no more of your content wasting away as spams, as users will become more engaged than ever. The key is to personalize your emails and marketing material, adapting to the user’s location, industry, and even interest. Through this, your emails will likely yield positive results.

3 - Use button triggers

Automated marketing is favored for a reason, and one of the most effective tools you can use is triggers. These refer to conditions or actions that generate responses and reactions automatically. Behavioral triggers, for instance, reveal the buying process of the customer. This can be traced by documenting which part of the email has already been accessed. Through the data gathered, you’ll be able to generate more significant leads. Repeat customers may also prove to be a valuable target group, especially when it comes to promotions and new sales. To make the most out of your triggers, your automated email responses should include the following:

  • Your customer’s name: Personalizes the automated email
  • Backed up by leads: Follow-up emails and continued contact to foster curiosity

The Bottom Line

Your overall marketing campaign is composed of a set of tools, which should include marketing automation. The three tips above focus on creating streamlined solutions for your marketing campaigns, as it focuses on targeted content for your intended audiences. While the world of automation may seem daunting, the most important factor remains to be your human touch. Keep your content personalized and engaging—automated marketing can only go so far!

If you’re looking to invest in digital marketing for your medical spa in the US, invest in us at the Brighter Click. Your success begins with tomorrow’s solutions—automated marketing. Reach out to us today!