4 Emails Your Med Spa Should be Sending Out

· Posted on
November 12, 2019

Your email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets if you use it correctly. While social media pages and advertisements can help you reach a wider audience, they aren’t owned by you in the same way that an email list is. You don’t have control over how Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites operate, but you do have full control over the emails that you send. If you want to take full advantage of your email list, you should be sending out these 4 emails. 

  1. Thanks for Joining! 

When someone joins your spa or opts-in to your email list online, it’s important to open the line of communication with them. This is a simple email to let your new customers know that you appreciate their business. Make this email solely about your gratitude – don’t view it as an opportunity to get more out of the potential customer. They may still be evaluating your services and determining if they want to continue with a membership. 

  1. Service Testimonial and Awareness Initiative

This email is a good way to inform both new and old customers of a certain service you provide that they may not be aware of. It can include quotes about the service from previously satisfied customers, or even have links to videos that outline the benefits of the service. Make sure the tone of the email is informative and that it doesn’t come off as a direct sales effort. Let the customer know that you care about them and simply want them to be aware of your offerings. They’ll appreciate the chance to learn more about your spa without being hassled to make a purchase, and it might just drive them to book an appointment on their own accord. Don’t forget to provide a simple Call to Action button at the bottom of the page allowing them to book an appointment.

  1. Seasonal Offerings and Promotions

Seasonal promotions are an excellent way to boost your number of appointments booked and sales of specific products. When an offer has a deadline, it can encourage people to make a purchase or schedule an appointment before the promotion ends. They know that they can save some money by booking now, and a friendly reminder email might be all they need to commit. Be sure to include a link to your online scheduler as well as a phone number to call with any questions. 

  1. Regularly Scheduled Newsletters

Creating a bi-monthly newsletter can serve to keep your customers informed about your service offerings as well as any news that may be happening in the Medical Spa Industry. Updates about your spa can include things like new hires, updated equipment, or information about a location change. The focus shouldn’t be to sell any specific product or service but to remind your customers that your spa is still around and is constantly moving forward with new ideas and services.

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