Free Medical Spa Marketing Tools for 2020

· Posted on
December 7, 2019

2020 is right around the corner and it’s more important than ever to evolve and adapt to the many marketing trends and tools that are aiding businesses to reach their audience and convert more clients.  

We wanted to provide you with a few free essential tools that will help boost your Medical Spa Marketing so you can see even more success in the new year and across the next decade:


An online automation tool that allows you to integrate and connect over 1500 web applications, Zapier is useful for building workflows that save you time, and therefore money in the long-run. Even intricate tasks such as saving analytics to a Google sheet can all automatically fulfill themselves once integrated. Start with 100 tasks a month for free.


Email marketing will always be a popular method of reaching your clients. Mailchimp is a user-friendly email campaign building platform that guides you through your email creation from start to finish. The site offers templates and other tools, including an analytics feature that allows you to measure and compare the open-rates, bounce-rate, and clicks. MailChimp is free up to a certain amount of subscribers, and then it offers subscriptions based on the features you require.


Never got the hang of Photoshop? Canva is an excellent and free graphic building app/website that allows you to build social images, blog banners, flyers, etc. either with their built-in templates or from scratch. The platform also offers many stock images and fonts to use in your graphics. You can also sign up for Canva Pro for about $15 a month that opens up hundreds more images, templates and other features.

Social Media

We had to include social media as an important and free tool that will become a crucial part of every business’s digital strategy in order to survive the next decade. It’s the best way of interacting and engaging with your current and future clients. And, with so many different platforms to be present on, you’ll find which one works best for your target audience.

Google Analytics

An essential for any medical spa business that wants to track the traffic on their website and social media platforms, Google Analytics will compare traffic and other factors across multiple time periods and variables so your business can measure what parts of your website and marketing campaign work best, and then adjust accordingly to find ways to bring in more traffic.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Have you ever done that test that measures the speed of your internet connection? Google PageSpeed Insights tests the speed of your website, gives you a score, and then offers insight and tips to use that will boost your loading speed. It’s also a free way of ensuring your website is clear and fast for visitors to use.

Google Trends

Google built Google Trends to analyze the popularity of various search queries across any geographical region and other variables. It is a useful website for businesses who want to see what phrases, keywords, and other search criteria will work well for their content, both locally and globally, as well as show what’s “trending” on the internet.


Why perfect your grammar when Grammarly can do it for you? If you find you struggle to write or you write quite a bit each month, Grammarly is an incredible app that automatically spell-checks everything you write and offers synonyms and alternate phrases to keep your writing consistent and engaging. What’s great is that it’s free to use and integrate into your Chrome browser. Grammarly also has a pro version for a small fee each month.