Getting testimonials that drive sales

· Posted on
February 4, 2020

Getting testimonials that drive sales

For most people, reading testimonials is where the conversion process happens. “93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.” (Podium) This can benefit your Medical Spa just as much. “68 percent of consumers will form an opinion about your local business after reading just 1-6 online reviews.” (Revlocal

You understand that testimonials are needed, but whenever you ask, patients feel like they don’t know what to say. Are there specific questions you should be asking your patients? We have tailored a series of questions that will guide your patient through the testimonial process, increase the number of testimonials you receive, and help drive sales by answering the questions potential clients have. 

The template below provides the questions for them to answer along with text to explain. As well as an explanation to better understand the reason behind the question. 

Where were you at before visiting our medical spa?

Please briefly share with us where you were before visiting our Medical Spa. Have there been any other at-home things you tried? How long had you worked to find the result you wanted? 

This first part is a great opportunity for your clients to share their stories and relate to people who are currently searching for the answer to their problem. This could be where they talk about the troubles they’ve had with weight loss, skin care, or any specific problem that your service helped with. 

Were you nervous/hesitant to spend the money on our services?

Honesty is great here. Was there anything that made you want to know more about us before booking an appointment? Did treatments you had tried on your own cause you to be doubtful?

Once again, honesty is great here. Potential patients will have objections that need to be answered before they book an appointment. If that objection can be pointed out in a testimonial and then answered by the client’s result, you have just gained a new patient. 

What specific results did you obtain from visiting us? 

What did we help you achieve? Would you recommend us to a friend? 

This last question wraps up the entire testimonial by sharing their positive result, answering any objections your potential patients may have, and communicating the social proof needed to create online bookings. 

Use this template as just that, a template. You can modify the questions to better fit the specific services you provide. What we can guarantee is that using this template will help increase the number of testimonials you receive and help drive sales for your Medical Spa.