Making The Most of Online Reviews

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March 11, 2020

The year is 2000. You are playing this new game called Sims and listening to your favorite song by Destiny’s Child. You have been trying to get your face breakout under control. You spent money on a product you saw in an ad, but the results it promised didn’t match what you experienced. You were hesitant to spend money on another product, but thankfully a friend of yours recommended a brand they use and within no time your break out cleared up. Many of us have been in a similar situation before, and after an experience like this most of us would go to the friend for recommendations before buying anything the first time.

Fast forward to the year 2020, the Sims may still be around, but we no longer have to rely on just the people we know for recommendations. Every major search engine, social media platform, and e-commerce store has testimonial ratings integrated. For most people, this is where the conversion process happens. “93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.” (Podium) This can benefit your Medical Spa just as much. “68 percent of consumers will form an opinion about your local business after reading just 1-6 online reviews.” (Revlocal

You understand that testimonials are needed, but how do you collect them, and what is the best way to use them with your social media marketing? 

Getting Testimonials

We have found the best practice for receiving raving testimonials from clients is using an automated follow-up email sequence sent out after they leave your location. Using this email sequence optimizes the chances they leave a review. If you ask them when leaving your location, they may forget by the time they get home. Keep it simple with your ask. Work on building testimonials for one platform at a time. Asking a patient to leave three reviews at once will likely result in zero reviews.

Always Respond

Good or bad, always respond. Responding to good reviews shows you have a connection with your clients. Responding to bad reviews shows that you are proactive in improving your business and want to give everyone the best experience possible. Responding to a bad review does not mean retelling your side of the story. We suggest using your response to direct them to either email or a private message where you can attempt to solve the problem.

Using Testimonials for Social Media

If you stay up-to-date with Facebook policies, you know that before and after photos are frowned upon by their algorithms. Testimonials are the best way to share the results you bring clients while staying within the best practices of Facebook and Instagram. We have tested many different formats, here is an example of what we found works best. 

Testimonials can be the driving force behind your online marketing with no cost to acquire them. Take the time to put together an action plan to start gaining effective testimonials and building the social proof for your online presence today.