What is the Buyer's Journey? [Free Guide Included]

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March 11, 2020

This blog isn’t filled with boring stats and facts on what the Buyer’s Journey is. Today we are going to learn how Rachel, a bride-to-be, went through her Buyer’s Journey to book an appointment for a CoolSculpting treatment as well as types of content you can create to reach buyer’s at every stage of the journey.

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The 3 stages in the Buyer’s Journey:

Awareness Stage - The buyer notices a problem they have and begins to research the problem.

Consideration Stage - The buyer understands the problem and begins searching for solutions.

Conversion Stage - The buyer decides to commit to one solution. 

Awareness Stage

Rachel’s wedding is a few months away and although she has been diligent in exercising and eating right, she still hasn’t reached the body goal for her wedding day. She decides to go online and look for information on what she may be doing wrong. Rachel finds a Medical Spa’s website that has an active blog with tons of educational content about weight loss. She begins to skim through articles looking for additional things that she can do to lose the weight. 

  1. Rachel has a goal she wants to reach and wants to learn how she can get there.
  2. She finds a website with content that aims to educate her and move her to the consideration phase.

Consideration Stage

While on the blog, Rachel sees a few treatment options that could help her reach the body goal she has. She writes them down and searches the blog for articles that explain each service in more detail. During her research, she begins to gain more interest in the idea of using these services. She decides to take a break from research to go for a run. 

  1.  The Medical Spa website strategically directs her to informational posts about the services they provide.

Conversion Stage

A few hours later Rachel is surfing Facebook when she sees an ad for CoolSculpting by the Medical Spa she was looking at earlier. This was one of the options on her list so she decides to click it. The landing page says for the next two days she can sign up for an appointment and receive a discount. She checked the Med Spa’s Google listing and saw a lot of 5-star ratings from existing clients. Rachel decides to book an appointment. 


  1. Using a pixel code on their website, the Medical Spa retargeted Rachel with an ad for a service that she showed interest in. 
  2. Thanks to the Medical Spa’s effort of obtaining social proof through testimonials, Rachel found assurance in booking an appointment with the Spa. 

What can you take away from this? 

By understanding that buyers go through a journey before booking an appointment, you can position your online marketing efforts to educate potential clients and help them determine which service(s) best fits the needs of their wellness journey. 

Here are examples of content you can create for each stage of the buyer’s journey:

Awareness Stage: 

At this stage, you are speaking to the problem, you are not selling a solution. By creating educational content you are starting their wellness journey off right while showing brand authority.

  • Educational blog posts, videos, or social media posts 
  • Infographics
  • Trend/Industry updates 

Consideration Stage:

At this stage, you are introducing the products/services you offer with the primary focus of sharing the solutions they provide. 

  • Wellness Guides
  • Product Demos
  • Informational Posts
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Testimonials

Conversion Stage:

At this stage, you are sharing your hooks/offers and driving people to book an appointment or purchase your products. 

  • An ad with a time-sensitive offer/rate
  • Testimonial ads with booking/appointment Call to Action

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Digital Marketing Template

Positioning your marketing to meet potential clients no matter where they are in the Wellness Journey will help you establish brand authority and increase your conversion rates. If you want a step by step guide on creating a proactive online marketing plan, click here to access our Health & Wellness Online Marketing Plan.