4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

· Posted on
March 17, 2020

Facebook is a great social media tool for your business. Our goal with this post is to give you four tricks to optimize the content you are putting out on your business page.  

Post at the right times of day

Choosing the right time to publish a post is almost as important as the content of the post itself. An average Facebook post has an optimal life span of about 4 hours, so you need to pick your times wisely. We have found that the highest rates of engagement happen around 8 am, noon, 7-8 pm. Think about an average day for you. When do you have the most downtime? Can you expect people to give your content the same attention at 10:30 am as they would after dinner at 7:15 pm? We generally publish posts for our clients between 6:45 - 7:20 pm.

Encourage Conversation in your Posts

Facebook runs on algorithms that measure engagement between accounts. If someone likes your Facebook page but they don’t like or comment on your posts frequently, your page will begin to disappear from their timeline. Encouraging discussion in your posts can go a long way in promoting your brand. We have found that holding a competition telling viewers to tag a friend in the comments and share your post for the chance to win a complementary service performs very well. After 3 days you choose a winner and publicly announce it on your Facebook page. 

Publicize your Offers by using Events

If you are creating a promotion with a deadline, you can use Facebook Events to encourage more engagement and remind your customers that you are still around. If you are offering 10% off of a specific service through a certain date, you can invite your followers to the event. This will not only let them know about the offer organically but will also remind them when the promotion is ending and that might just be enough to convince them to book an appointment. 

Ask Customers to Share Your Posts

The next time you create a post on Facebook add a simple request at the end, “Please SHARE this post.” While it might not seem like much, it can help you reach potential customers who wouldn’t have seen the post without their friend sharing it. If your customers are fans of your spa, they likely won’t have any problem sharing your posts. We managed a business page for a year and kept track of the performance. Every post ended with "Please SHARE this post." What we noticed was a culture we created of people sharing the posts. Even when we stopped putting that request in the end, a high number of people kept sharing.