Content You Should Post on Social Media

· Posted on
March 17, 2020

You keep reading how important it is for your business to have a Facebook and Instagram page, but when it comes time to post something, you aren’t sure exactly what should go up. Do you talk about your services? Do you copy and paste content from your wholesalers and put up a stock photo? 

Social Media Marketing has become a priority for businesses. Using these platforms to connect personally with your clients and establish a rapport can create long-term brand loyalty. In this guide, we will give you the 3 pillars of content you should be sharing with your audience. Use the material from this guide to plan out your content strategy.


Your goal in this category is to create a sense of connection with your audience. Show them the authentic side of your business.

Behind The Scenes

Capture authentic and endearing footage of yourself or your team.  People buy from people, and allowing them to step into your world will allow them to connect with you and your business.


Spend some time searching popular meme pages to see what is currently trending. If you will have trouble re-creating your memes, then simply share ones you found on the meme account and give them due credit.


Put together a list of your brands' core values and things within the wellness industry that get you and your team excited. Write out a few statements on each topic. You can use this to create photos or videos.


Grab short thoughts or quotes from the writing you did for the philosophy section. Make a quote card template and use that design to create this content.


Brand authority is what gives potential clients the confidence to book an appointment with you. Connect with your audience and share your expertise.

Industry Updates

Research trends within the wellness industry and update your audience by creating content sharing the trends. Quick 30-60 second videos of you telling them this update perform very well. End each post with a question to drive engagement. 

Tips & Strategies

Look at the services you offer and pull some tips that would be useful to your clients, while also attracting them to the services you provide.

Testimonials, Certifications, Awards

Word-of-mouth marketing beats all. Have your patients sign a content waiver and request a testimonial from them. Written testimonials are good, but videos perform the best in this category. Post the content with the testimonial followed by a 2-3 line summary about the service they used. 


You have a business to run and sales to make. Add in some awareness oriented posts through your social media campaign.

Services Offered

Frame these posts to discuss the results clients are receiving or the pain points you are solving with your services. Seeing that other people are engaging with your business looks a lot more appealing than a boring product post. These should be short 2-3 line posts.

Direct Response 

These posts take more thought and time to create but can have a lasting impact. Map out your potential client's pain points and the results they are looking for. Using 2-3 paragraphs write out a story of the journey they could take to achieve those results.

Create a content calendar in Google Sheets using these three content pillars to proactively plan your social media content. We suggest placing priority on Affinity and Authority posts to create communication and adding in an Awareness post once a week. 

Want a content calendar template? Click here to access our free content calendar. Once you open click “File and “Make a Copy”. Then use Creator Studio on Facebook to schedule both your Facebook and Instagram posts.