Facebook Ad Guidelines for the Med Spa Industry

· Posted on
March 17, 2020

We’ve started a new decade, and Facebook has continued to grow its presence in the online space. Facebook is the third most visited website in the world, according to Hootsuite, following only Google and Youtube. With the billions of traffic that flows through the platform daily, your Med Spa has a high chance of reaching your intended audience quickly, however, it’s only natural that Facebook would have strict advertising guidelines for various trades, including the Med Spa industry. 

Are you having difficulty increasing the viewership for your Med Spa? 

Facebook has control over how many of your followers can see the organic content that you share. When it comes to posting paid ads the platform will review your paid advertisements within 24 hours, and if you’re not following Facebook’s guidelines and adhering to their standards, your account may be flagged and your viewership will decline. While Facebook has not said your organic content should follow the same guidelines, we consider it a best practice to follow Facebook's posting standards for all content.

The following are Facebook’s Ad Guidelines for the Med Spa Industry:

No Before-and-After Photos

Facebook is strict about complying with this rule. Sharing before-and-after photos that reflect unexpected or unlikely results is strictly prohibited.

No Weight Loss ads

Your ads should reflect healthy eating habits and exercise, not promote weight loss itself. Facebook users should be able to see your offerings and services and correlate weight loss as a possible outcome, without having it be the topic of your ad.

No Supplements and Prescriptions that promise weight loss and improbable results. 

You must include a Landing Page Privacy Policy

If you are directing people to a page outside of Facebook, make sure that you have a privacy policy link posted on that page. Facebook bots will scrub your page and search for this, and if they don’t find it, your post could be flagged and removed.

Even if you aren’t running ads, it is within the best practice to keep your page content within Facebook’s guidelines. Facebook has control over what content they allow people to see, and they will reduce your audience if you violate their terms, meaning you could be missing out on a huge portion of prospects. Here are three types of content you could be sharing on your Facebook page. 

Instead of before-and-after posts, share only the after photo with a direct quote from the patient.

Bonus points if you can have the patient record a video explaining their journey/experience. Remember, if sharing a photo of a client’s finished result, be sure to zoom out and show their entire body in the image. Zooming in on just the chest area etc. is against Facebook’s guidelines as well. 

Share a photo of a staff member introducing them with a brief quote and bio.

This will engage with, establish trust, and begin to build a relationship with your audience without the need to necessarily pay for advertising unless you choose to “boost” the post.

Share industry updates that keep your clients and audience educated and engaged This will show that you have brand authority in the Medical Spa Industry. These posts could also be updated on the services you provide and how technology is advancing methods of treatment etc.

To read more about Facebook’s guidelines, check-in on their website here.