How to Grow Your Instagram Business Page

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March 17, 2020

What are hashtags? What is IGTV? How should you use Highlights to help your business? If you’re reading this then you are looking for some guidance on how to best use Instagram for your business. Throughout this blog, we will give you content planning tools, content categories, suggestions on the types of content to create, and the best way to use hashtags for your business. Let’s get to it!

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How to get more followers on Instagram

  1. Create a Content Strategy
  2. Plan Your Timeline Posts
  3. Use Instagram Highlights
  4. Use Stories
  5. Use IGTV 
  6. Hashtags

Content Strategy

Posting Frequency

Post quality and post engagement matter much more than the amount you post per week. We would suggest to stay between 3-4 posts per week and spend time developing your brand image.


Color consistency is something you’ve probably heard about, but what does it look like? Color consistency is created by choosing a specific editing style for your photos and being intentional by using similar background colors. 


Your content should speak to viewers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. By only talking about the products and services you provide, you are losing a large audience of potential buyers. Create content that educates viewers on the problems they have, inform them of the products/services that solve those problems, and share your client’s success stories. Learn how using the three content pillars can help you create engaging social media content. 

Plan Your Posts

Part of creating a proactive marketing campaign is planning out the content months in advance. We advise that you take the time to plan, create, and schedule your posts for 3 months at a time. Using a social media planning calendar will help you see which content pillars you’ve used, and which could use some additional attention. 

Use Facebook’s Creator Studio to schedule all of your Facebook and Instagram posts.

You can find this page by clicking Creator Studio in the top navigation of your business page or visiting


What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are an opportunity to keep people up to date with your brand by showing content that you may not want to be on your timeline. Each photo or video you post to the story will last for 24-hours, and each video segment can have a time duration of 15 seconds. 

How to use Instagram Stories

Now that you know what Instagram stories are, the next question is what kind of content should you create for IG Stories. Here is a list of content that we see performing well with IG Stories.


Behind the scenes videos are an opportunity to build a connection with your audience by showing the work that goes into building your brand. 


Is your brand launching a new product or service? Post an Instagram story sharing the announcements and how it directly benefits your clients. 

Limited Time Offers

Make a routine for posting your monthly promotions onto IG Stories. We would suggest once a week being a maximum for this.


Use the IG Story tools to post a question that pertains to your brand/industry. Driving engagement through your stories will help more followers see your content.


What are Instagram Highlights?

Highlights allow you to save stories you post and group them based on collections you create. Instagram allows you to share your contact information on the page, but there isn’t a section business specifics like reviews and product offers. That is where Highlights come in. 

How to use Instagram Highlights

Think about your businesses core attributes. What things should people know and what makes your business different. Here is a list of highlights you can use for your business page.


“93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.” (Podium) Create a highlight group titled Reviews or Testimonies. Using create an IG Story template that combines the client’s photo and the text from their testimonial. Select some of your best testimonials from Google and Facebook to create this collection. If you need help getting effective testimonials, read our blog on getting testimonials that drive sales. 


A Highlight showing off your products and services is a great opportunity to create awareness. Keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with what you offer. It could be beneficial to use this group as an educational platform to show what problems your products and services solve. 


Create a Highlight for your monthly promotion and make sure people understand it is a time-sensitive offer. 


Demos are an opportunity for potential clients to build a familiarity with you, your brand, and the products/services you provide. Create a video showing how to use the product you sell or a demo of your service being provided to a client. 


A group for introducing your staff can create a familiarity that is especially beneficial for businesses providing services like Medical Spas. Potential clients like to have an idea who will be working with them prior to committing to an appointment. 

Your Cause

What is your mission and why does your brand exist? What is the drive behind your efforts? Create a highlight group sharing your cause and why you do the things you do. You could be a single mom who supports her family by being an Esthetician or a skincare brand that gives back to teens. Everyone’s story is different and great in their own way. Make sure to share yours. 


What is IGTV?

Instagram TV is the newest feature to date on the platform and accounts are moving towards the new space with hopes of establishing authority. Traditionally Instagram allows videos of 60 seconds in length. With IGTV, you can now post videos up to an hour-long. 

How to use IGTV

Informational/Educational Videos

Instagram TV is another chance to reach potential clients where they are. Create informational videos that speak to viewers at different stages of the buyer’s journey

Awareness Stage - Educational video content covering problems your potential clients are facing. For example, a video covering “How to tell if my skin is dehydrated.”

Consideration Stage - Informational video content showing viewers the services that solve their issues. For Example: “How to fix dehydrated skin.”

Conversion Stage -  Brand awareness videos showing the products and services you provide. Testimonial videos of your clients sharing the results they gained from using your products/services. 

Industry Updates

Industry updates are an opportunity to show your industry authority while educating your viewers. Create video content sharing the rising trends in the industry and any opinions you have. For Example: “Hydration Therapy. What is it and how can it benefit you?”


What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are keywords social media platforms use to categorize the content. Anyone using Instagram can search through hashtags to find content that interests them. Instagram allows each post to use 30 hashtags. 

How to use hashtags

A best practice with hashtags is to divide the 30 allowed between industry-relevant terms, photo relevant terms, and location relevant terms. 


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