How to use Instagram for Businesses

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March 17, 2020

Traditional marketing isn’t working as it used to and you want to create a business account on Instagram. In this blog, we will give you a step-by-step on creating a business account and how you can create a content strategy to drive sales. 

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How to use Instagram for Business

  1. Create an Instagram Business Account
  2. Upload profile photo
  3. Add Business Information
  4. Create a Content Strategy
  5. Create/Post Content
  6. Follow Accounts
  7. Engage with your Audience

Create an Instagram Business Account

Creating an Instagram account

  • Download the Instagram app 
  • Open the Instagram app and tap “Sign Up.”
  • Enter a frequently used email address and tap Next. If you already have a business page on Facebook, tap “Sign in with Facebook” instead of entering an email address. This will make it easier to connect the two business accounts.
  • Choose your username and password and fill in your profile information. 
  • Tap Done.
  • Congrats! You now have an Instagram account. Follow the steps below to convert your account into a Business Page

How to convert an Instagram Account to a Business Page

  • Visit your Instagram Account’s Profile Page
  • Tap the three lines menu button at the top right of the screen, then tap Settings.
  • Tap Account
  • Scroll down and tap Switch to Professional Account.
  • Tap Business.
  • Connect your Facebook Business profile to this Instagram account.
  • Select the category that best fits your business. 
  • Tap Ok.

Upload Profile Photo

  • Visit your account profile page
  • Tap and hold on the photo circle in the top left-hand corner
  • Tap Choose from Library.
  • Select your photo from your camera roll. For most businesses, the company logo is a great start to a profile photo. 
  • Tap Done in the upper right-hand corner.

Add Business Information

Your business account should make it easy for people to understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 


The Instagram bio gives you 150 characters to tell your brand story. Use this space to share your tagline or mission statement, along with a hashtag that best describes your brand. This could be a hashtag you make for your brand. 


Enter the website address that best fits your marketing needs. Often businesses put their homepage, but adding the landing page for a specific marketing effort also works. 


The name of your page will help users find you through search. Make sure that your username and name match your brand name. 

Contact Information

Add your email, phone number, and business address to the Call to Action Button on your profile so users can connect with your business. 

Create a Content Strategy

Establishing a specific content strategy is a key part of building a popular Instagram account. To create this content strategy you must establish your target audience, identify your performance goals, understand the platform-tools, understand the content pillars, and set a content posting routine. 

Establish Your Target Audience

Trying to create a marketing plan without defining your Buyer Personas is risky. We’ve created an easy to use free buyer persona building template. Click here to read more about creating a buyer persona.

Identify Your Performance Goals

Set metrics that you want to measure your Instagram account. Just getting started? Building your followers might be a good start. At Brighter Click, we use the Instagram algorithm to determine which KPI’s are important. Engagement through comments, likes, and re-posts are what we place a priority on. 

Common KPI’s for Instagram:

  • Followers
  • Post Likes
  • Comments
  • Hashtag Usage
  • Re-posts
  • Clicks on CTA

Understand the platform-tools

Posting photos to your timeline isn’t the only resource available on Instagram. IGTV, Instagram story, and highlights are great ways to optimize your Instagram content strategy

Understand Content Pillars

We found social media content to fall under three main content pillars; Authority, Affinity, and Awareness. Dispersing your content to fall under the three will help to create content that reaches all the members of your audience. 

Content Posting Routine

Each social media platform has different expectations for posting frequency. We would suggest posting 3-4 times per week and spend the majority of your focus on content quality. You can use the Insights tab to track content performance.

Create/Post Content

Create content for each category of the Content Pillars and use the Free Content Calendar to schedule out your Instagram posts. 

*INSTAGRAM UPDATE* You can now add your Instagram account to Facebooks’ Creator Studio. This app allows you to schedule out Instagram posts, removing the stress of pulling out your phone to post each day. 

Follow Accounts

Following accounts that are similar to your brand can help you connect to the existing Instagram communities. Use industry-specific hashtags to search for brands that line up with your company's mission. 

Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience on Instagram will show that your brand is there to build connections and help grow your page. One great way to engage with industry-relevant content is by searching related hashtags and commenting on photos you feel like you can add to. 

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