4 Must-Haves For Your Website

· Posted on
June 10, 2020

If you have a medical spa, one of your quarterly tasks is to clean out your clinic or office. Spa owners look through mountains of files every day, whether from ongoing cases or references to previous ones, not to mention the administrative paperwork and research journals they have to read. To keep your practice running smoothly, you might have devised systems for keeping important files and throwing away or shredding ones you don’t need.

Though this is true for many owners, you might not be as organized with your medical spa website. Cleaning up your website should be as much of a priority as tidying your physical space. Your website, after all, is the face of your business online. It needs a refresh at least once a year, where you can remove extraneous elements and make updates. Here are four tips to remember when you are freshening up your website.

1. Build a responsive, mobile-ready website

Your website should automatically adjust its layout and content to fit the size of your visitors’ browsers or devices. Whether they’re on their smartphones or desktop computers, or something in between, they should be able to access your website smoothly and have a consistent experience throughout.

Responsive website design improves the user experience and your website’s capacity to serve visitors. Google also ranks responsive websites higher than outdated ones. If you want to boost your online rankings, you should make this one of your priorities. In case you’re not very knowledgeable about it, you can hire someone for your spa website design.

2. Make your website design simple

Routinely evaluate your website design; ask yourself if patients will be able to find necessary information easily. If they have to dig through several links for details that they need, it’s time for a redesign. Don’t make data retrieval harder than it should be; your location, store hours, and contact information should be among the first things your guests see.

You should also reflect on whether or not your website needs an aesthetic update. Some companies launch with one logo and stay with it for a long time; others need a redo to keep their brand personality in line with significant changes in consumer trends. Think about the current trajectory of your business and whether your website still reflects it.

3. Make updates to your content

Aside from the link structure and your website’s aesthetic, you should also consider your content. Have you hired anyone new, or have your staffers gained new qualifications since you launched? This should be reflected on your website. You should also include changes to treatment options, any new services you’ve started to offer, and even new technology. If you’ve had changes to your office hours, location, and contact information, that should be there as well.

Updating your website’s content also means getting rid of outdated information. If your landing page still has a newsletter article on a service you launched six months ago, it’s time to think of a new promotional piece. You should consider having a plan for your wellness SEO, to help build long-term engagement with your website.

4. Ensure your patients’ safety online

HIPAA laws that apply to your patients in-person should also be observed online. When you build your website, you should include protections to patient information like names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail. For this, your contact forms should be secure enough to prevent attacks on your website that attempt to collect your patients’ sensitive data.

Any Private Health Information should be SSL encrypted and protected against hackers. Furthermore, your hosting provider should have HIPAA-compliant servers; it wouldn’t matter if you have SSL-protected forms if the destination itself is not secure.


Your med spa website should reflect the level of commitment and expertise you provide to customers. Perform these maintenance measures and you’re sure to have repeat visitors and conversions from your online space.

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