Optimizing your Medical Spa Website for 2020

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March 17, 2020

A new year and a new decade are upon us and it’s no longer enough to have just a website. Optimizing it properly to increase the likelihood that search engines like Google will list your site at the top of search results is now an important part of website building. Google’s bots also known as “crawlers” search and index billions of webpages, hopefully including your own.

Not only should you be optimizing your website for search engines but also for the emerging and evolving tech that promises to follow us into the future. For a medical spa website, it’s important to build content that includes the keywords of the services and treatments you provide, as well as include features and integrations that make your website user-friendly.

Here’s how you can begin optimizing your medical spa website:

  1. Be Mobile Responsive
  2. Clear business description
  3. Social Proof
  4. Integrate Online Appointment Bookings
  5. Be HTTPS Secured
  6. Clear CTA
  7. Have a visible Privacy Policy

Be Both Desktop & Mobile Responsive

In 2010, 2.9% of all website visitors were on mobile devices. In 2018, that number had grown to 52.2%. This growth will continue through the 20s, making it even more important to have your website mobile optimized. Ensuring your website is mobile responsive (not just mobile-friendly) is important in securing a strong reputation, building customer relationships, and making it easy for current and potential customers to get int contact with you.

Have Clear Business & Services Descriptions

People should not have to search for your business description and services. Having them visible in the navigation bar is important, however, you should also include information on your website homepage with brief descriptions with links to their corresponding pages. Refrain from throwing too much information on a webpage in huge paragraphs. Instead, focus on bullet points that keep content concise yet still informative.

Provide Social Proof

Social Proof helps break down any uncertainty a potential patient may have when first visiting your website. This can come in the form of testimonials from existing clients, informational photos or videos, awards, accreditations, and certifications. Each Medical Spa must be able to prove any certifications in which they claim to be true, and it is within their moral duty to provide 100% transparency to potential patients that any certifications received from an independent company, like a laser machine manufacturer, does not imply you are certified by the medical board.

Integrate an Online Appointment Booking Feature

When designing a website for a Medical Spa, it’s important to analyze and structure it properly to take into account all the ways you can reduce barriers of entry for potential patients. By eliminating the need to make a phone call to schedule an appointment, we are increasing the percentage of potential clients that visit your Medical Spa. Online scheduling systems can link directly with both your patients and your facilities' mobile calendars, as well as send SMS and email reminders for upcoming appointments to help reduce appointment cancelations.

Be HTTPS Secured

When you leave your Medical Spa at the end of the day you make sure that the doors are locked and the alarm system is active (we hope). You should treat your website in the same manner. Google kicked off a security initiative in 2016 by flagging websites that were not HTTPS secured. Why did they do this? An unsecured website allows for hackers to find a way into the back end of your site and access your visitors' information. This can be a nightmare if you are processing confidential client information or credit card information. Once an unsecured site has been flagged, Google will begin pushing that site to the bottom of search results, making it harder for potential patients to find your business.

Have a Clear CTA

Your Call To Action button should be prominent and repeated throughout the website. Include CTA buttons, such as “Book an Appointment” or “Contact us” in the banner of your home page, and embed the banner to scroll with the main page - this is a creative way to ensure clients can easily reach out when they’re ready.

Always Have a Privacy Policy

People have the right to know what you are doing with their information and having a well thought out Privacy Policy can create the transparency needed to build trust with your clients. One of the first things we check for when building an online marketing system for our clients is a Privacy Policy. If we create an ad on Facebook directing people to your website or landing page, and it does not have a Privacy Policy that meets the GDPR guidelines, Facebook will not show your ad in anyone’s Newsfeed.

Your Medical Spa needs a website in 2020 that follows the evolving website trends but also keeps up with Google’s search engine algorithms. Ensuring your website is completely optimized to meet as many of Google’s requirements as possible, will give your spa the best chance of being seen and attract new clients while continuing to build loyalty with the ones you already have.

Have you included any of the above features into your Medical Spa website? Want to see all the opportunities for your current website? Use our free Website Performance Report today. 

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