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Choosing Brighter Click means choosing a partner committed to your growth.

Build A Brighter Future for Your Brand

We propel your business forward by focusing on two critical factors: the voice of your customers and the health of your bottom line.

By fully immersing ourselves in your audience's needs, behaviors, and motivations, as well as the key areas of opportunity in your buyer's life cycle, we craft strategies that resonate with your audience and improve your profitability.

What sets Brighter Click apart from every other agency? 

Customized Strategy and Growth Partnership

Your marketing strategies are based on a comprehensive analysis of your P&L, marketing performance, and customer lifecycle to ensure sustainable, profitable growth.

Proactive Communication and Transparent Processes

You can count on transparent processes and clear communication from our team, so you always understand the decisions being made for your account.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Our team leverages cutting-edge analytics and insights to inform our marketing strategies, making data-driven decisions that yield the best results for you.

Focused Expertise

We believe that one agency cannot be an expert in all services, so we focus on our core strengths while partnering with trusted providers for other marketing needs.

Client-Centric Approach

Building a long-lasting partnership with you is at the core of how we do business. We go above and beyond to ensure you get top-notch support, consistent communication, and unbeatable results.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in clear and transparent pricing, ensuring you understand exactly what you’re getting for your investment. We offer flexible pricing options to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Our Story

Brighter Click is a collective of creators, strategists, and growth marketers united by our passion for empowering businesses to reach new heights. We fuse data-driven strategies with creative ingenuity, breaking down complex challenges and transforming them into growth opportunities.

Our creative services were created based on feedback and frustrations he heard from clients during the sales process. Many couldn’t find a designer or design agency to take ownership of planning, producing, and optimizing ad creatives. That’s why we work as an end-to-end partner, taking full responsibility for the success of your campaigns.

In January 2019, Colby Flood founded Brighter Click after years as a freelancer specializing in paid media for eCommerce companies on Facebook and Instagram.

By 2021, Brighter Click experienced a remarkable 250% growth. In 2023, Colby turned his industry knowledge and passion for education into an asset for fellow business leaders and entrepreneurs, launching The Marketing Mindset Podcast. Within just 6 months, it reached the top 2% of podcasts globally.

Today, our team serves a wide range of clients across several unique industries. We’ve worked with companies through over $270M of capital funding, and our team, offerings, and proficiencies continue to grow every day.

Core Values

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We prioritize continuous learning and development for our team members and clients, enabling them to grow and adapt to the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

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Transparent Communication

We foster open and honest communication channels, ensuring our clients and team members are always informed and understand the rationale behind our decisions and actions.

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Solution-Oriented Collaboration

We thrive on teamwork and collaboration, proactively bringing solutions to the table and working closely with clients and partners to create synergies and drive better results.

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Genuine Accountability

We pride ourselves on taking responsibility for our actions and decisions, admitting to and learning from our mistakes while celebrating our successes as a team.

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Client-Centric Focus

Our clients are at the center of everything we do, working closely with them to understand their needs, goals, and aspirations and tailoring our services and communication to help them succeed.

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Ethical and Social Responsibility

We operate with integrity, treating all clients, partners, and team members respectfully while pursuing initiatives that positively impact the broader community and environment.

Our Awesome Team

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Akpan Thankgod

Head of Acquisition
Based in Lagos, Nigeria.With years of experience buying media across different verticals, our skilled and strategic lead media buyer brings a passion for leveraging data-driven insights to drive impactful advertising campaigns. Combining expertise in data analysis and creative problem-solving, he ensures the delivery of advertising campaigns that make a measurable impact.

Fun fact: He loves playing Chess and is a huge FC Barcelona Fanatic.

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Jiemar Tolitol

Project Manager
Based in Philippines.With a background in Civil Engineering and 9 years of experience in Project Development and Design, he brings valuable expertise to our team. During the pandemic, he transitioned into the field of Digital Marketing and joined Brighter Click as a Junior Media Buyer. He is currently supporting team members in project management and sales.

Fun Fact: Finds pure bliss in family adventures!

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Andrea Rubio

Creative Strategist
Based in Vancouver, Canada. 
With her expertise in Psychodynamic and Contextual Psychology, work-in-progress MBA, and background in entrepreneurship, she brings a diverse skill set to our creative team. Her deep understanding of human behavior, offers a unique perspective that fuels innovative strategies for our brands. 

Fun fact: loves engaging with the cinematography community and grooves to the rhythm of Latin beats!

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Liam Zalitach

Operations Manager
Based in Toronto, Canada.He is a creative powerhouse and a branding expert. He's helped businesses of all sizes craft powerful, cohesive brands that stand out. After working as a designer and creative director for nearly 10+ years. He shifted his focus to creative operations and business development at Brighter Click.

Fun fact : When Liam isn’t working in office he is updating his wardrobe to reflect his favorite fashion icons even if it means dressing up his cat to match.

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Colby Flood

Founder & CEO
In January 2019, the ambitious and visionary Colby Flood founded Brighter Click as a freelancer. Today, Colby leads the company with an exceptional, worldwide award-winning team. He is also the esteemed host of the Marketing Mindset Podcast, where he empowers businesses and drives digital transformation through accessible education from business leaders in the US.

Fun Fact: He is probably the worst dancer you will ever meet in your life.

See What Our Clients Say

"Their communication was unmatched"

“Their communication was unmatched from other agencies and they were very efficient. Very knowledgeable in eCommerce paid media. It is refreshing to work with an agency that keeps you in the loop and takes charge of the project.”

Jason D. Founder, Petal Soap

"Brighter Click lowered our CPA by 90.86%."

"They had an admirable level of detail they put in their strategy, planning, and communication. Anyone could tell they weren't a cookie-cutter agency."

Steve Z. Founder, Rocket Resume

"They care about the results.."

"I've worked with hundreds of marketing agencies and I can tell Brighter Click is unique. They lead with education. They care about the results, and they build partnerships with their clients and set them up for success."

Mike K. Founder, Mike Koziol Consulting

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