Graphic Designer


Get in here, future Brighter Click Creative Designer. We're breaking boundaries and taking our company growth through the roof.

Brighter Click saw terrific wins in 2022.

  • We helped many clients grow their businesses. Two notable wins were:
  • Helping a sustainability brand double revenue for two consecutive months and take on 24 million in Series A funding.
  • Helping an eCommerce SaaS product that took on 240 million in funding scale its marketing spend by 117% while reducing its CAC average by 17.6%.
  • Our team won 8 marketing awards, including two NYX Golds, a dotComm Gold, and the Marcom Platinum (Considered one of the top awards for marketing agencies.) 🏆
  • We expanded our service focus with the goal of doubling annual revenue in 2023, reaching 1,000,000 ARR.

Brighter Click is a digital marketing agency that works with eCommerce and eCommerce SaaS companies providing branding, GTM strategy, creative strategy, and paid media.

Our mission is to be an education-first agency with our team, clients, and the information we put into the world.

Education-first with our team: We provide our team members with educational courses, webinars, conferences, subscriptions, and coaching sessions to grow continually in their roles or ones they would like to have.

We ask that each team member complete at least one education resource per quarter.

Education-first with our clients: We encourage our team to take the learning they receive and pass that forward to our clients, helping to educate them not only with their marketing campaigns but also with their business.

Education-first with the information we put out: Our goal is to provide free education to up-and-coming marketers who don't have the opportunity to attend college or pay for high-ticket marketing courses online.

Our founder speaking at Ad World 2022.

If you're:

  • A creative wizard
  • A skilled designer
  • Detail-oriented
  • A high performer
  • Inspired by the latest design trends
  • Looking to be a part of a rapidly growing team
  • An eager student ready to learn and grow
  • Ready to blow minds with the best damn creative ads strategies in the game

We await your application 🤗

What you'll be doing:

As the Creative Designer at Brighter Click, you will:

  • Strategize and design ad creatives for paid media ad campaigns
  • Run competitor research to find current ad design trends
  • Use performance reports to guide future designs across accounts
  • Create themes and structures for ad creatives based on performance trends
  • Build a creative theme database to use in future accounts
  • Brainstorm new, creative approaches to designing ads

Our Non-Negotiables:

  • Strong English skills - both written and verbal
  • The ability to incorporate ad copy planning into your creative strategy
  • Full-time
  • 3-4 years of experience with ad design
  • Experience working with 6-8 figure e-commerce brands
  • Must have an eagle eye for creativity and details
  • Deep understanding of e-commerce marketing and tactics

What’s in it for you:

  • The opportunity to lead 6-8 figure e-commerce brands to success through Paid Ads on Facebook using your creative mind!
  • Remote work schedule
  • Access to continuing education and unlimited resources to grow in your field

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