4-step Influencer Marketing Checklist

Vice President of Growth, Momentous

Are you looking to build successful partnerships for your influencer program?

In the world of influencer marketing, finding the perfect partners can be a game-changer. But how do you know who's the right fit?

Jordan Cohen shared his checklist that simplifies the process.

The Ideal Partner Profile:

✅ Customer Fit: Ensure your partner resonates with your target audience. Will your customers see themselves in this collaboration? It's essential for a genuine connection.

✅ Company Fit: Align with partners who share your core values and growth objectives. Consistency in values leads to a more fruitful partnership.

✅ Growth Fit: Set clear targets for your company's growth and assess whether the partner can help you achieve them. Collaboration should be mutually beneficial.

✅ Timing Fit: Sometimes, it's not about saying "yes" but having the confidence to say "no." Ensure the timing aligns with your company's goals and capabilities to execute, even if it means waiting for the right moment.

Following this checklist can streamline your partner selection process and make informed decisions. Remember, influencer initiatives aren't all about volume.