Analyzing Key Metrics for Ad Performance

"We don't feel like we have a strategy behind our Facebook ad creatives and don't know what's making ads perform well."

This is one of the most common issues I hear brands mention during the sales process.

At Brighter Click, we’ve honed a unique methodology behind categorizing creatives to track their performance.

Here’s a quick tour:

🔎 Our Creative Dashboard:

Using a Google Sheets-based system, we tag and track each creative component. This granular approach lets us analyze everything from copy to landing pages.

Creative Tagging System

The number one thing you need from a Creative Tagging System is a comprehensive tracking method.

CR# = Creative

CO# = Copy

HE# = Headline

LP# = Landing page

Ex. CR2 CO4 HE1 LP2

🎯 Analyzing Key Metrics:

We categorize creatives by brief, format, and theme, then measure them against account averages. This helps us spot which elements truly drive performance.

The Central Report (shown in the video) allows for a quick glance at high-level performance.

🚀 Continuous Testing and Improvement:

Every creative undergoes thorough testing. We aim for constant improvement, particularly in ROAS/CAC, ensuring our content stays impactful and relevant.

🔧 Strategic Insights:

Our methodology extends beyond tracking. We use these insights to refine our creative strategies, continuously improving our approach.

Click the button below the video to access our dashboard template.