Elevate Your Google Ads

Trust in proven expertise that delivers ROI understands platform nuances, and crafts campaigns that genuinely resonate. Say goodbye to generic ads and overspending; say hello to tailored strategies and transparent results.

Maximizing Every Dollar, Every Time

Your ROI is our mission. Through smart keyword choices and ongoing campaign fine-tuning, we work tirelessly to ensure your investment drives tangible results. Count on strategies that convert.

Open Lines,
Clear Results

We believe in clarity every step of the way. From honest reporting to regular updates, you'll always know where your campaign stands and is headed. Trust in transparent communication that keeps you informed and empowered.

Ready for Results?

Dive into a strategy tailored just for you. Schedule a call, and let's turn your Google Ads into a revenue driver.


Will the person we communicate with know what's happening in the account?

Of course. We see value in connecting clients directly with the strategists working on their account. While we highly value project managers, we believe the point of contact needs to understand how to optimize the performance so that emails and scheduled calls aren't a game of telephone. Because the last thing you want to hear is, "That's a good question. After this call, I will ask the team and get back to you."

What does the onbaording process look like?

You will sign off on this Scope of Work and pay the initial invoice.

Brighter Click will send the onboarding forms for you to complete. This form generally takes 30 minutes and centralizes all the information we need for a successful partnership.

A Calendly link to schedule the kickoff call is at the end of the form. There is a 4-day minimum gap from the time of scheduling to the call to allow the Brighter Click team time to review your information and begin planning ideas for account optimizations based on the existing campaigns running.

We will complete the onboarding call to align on strategies and account goals before moving forward with the project.

Brighter Click will begin making optimization to existing account structures and campaigns with the goal of bringing shorter-term wins to the business.

Brighter Click will have the new account set up and launched within 14 business days of the kickoff call. This is defined by net new creative, copy, and campaign strategies.

What are the contract terms and commitments?

We believe in flexibility. Initially, we work on a month-to-month basis, without long-term contracts. However, after 3-6 months of proven value, we can discuss the option of reduced rates for extended contracts. We aim to build long-lasting relationships through our work and effective communication.

What type of ad reporting do you provide?

We provide real-time reports tailored to your business. You may want to see performance by market, product category, level of funnel, or the overall account.