Haggard Pirate

A Clothing Company's Enhanced Growth through Brighter Click


Average Cost Per Acquisition


Revenue Growth in First 6 Months


Average Return On Investment


In October 2022, Haggard Pirate, a unique clothing brand, was facing a big challenge. The founder was passionate and creative but found himself balancing marketing and running the day-to-day operations of his business. He'd tried working with agencies in the past, but couldn't find one that could manage the ad accounts to get a better ROA than he could. This was holding back the growth of his brand and taking away time from what he loved doing most: creating new products.


When Brighter Click teamed up with Haggard Pirate, our first task was to make their advertising more cost-effective. We focused on lowering the cost per acquisition (CPA) while scaling up the ad spend. This meant getting more value out of every dollar spent on ads.

We also brought in our Fractional CMO service. This wasn't just about managing ads; we proactively created an annual marketing plan. The plan had big goals to continue optimizing the marketing costs; we wanted to increase the lifetime value of each customer and boost the average order value right from their first purchase. This plan was key to making sure the brand not only attracted new customers but also kept them coming back.

As we continued scaling the brand, we introduced Google Ads into the mix. The Google Ads campaigns were bringing in a 6x return on ad spend. This means for every dollar spent on Google Ads, Haggard Pirate earned six dollars back.


Our partnership led to amazing results! By the first quarter (Q1) of 2023, Haggard Pirate saw its sales jump by an incredible 216% compared to Q1 of the previous year. That's not all – the brand also saw a 26% increase in sales in Q1 2023 compared to the last quarter of 2022.

Here's what we achieved together:

  • We increased the monthly ad spend on Facebook ads by 84%, but still made sure that for every dollar spent, at least two dollars came back in sales.
  • We started using Google Ads, which brought in a 6x return on ad spend.
  • And the big win: a 216% jump in revenue and a 26% increase from one quarter to the next!

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