Great Wrap

From Startup to $24 Million Series A Funding

$8 AU

Cost Per Acquisition


Revenue Growth in First 3 Months

$24 Million

Raised in Investor Funding

The Problem

In June 2021, a startup called Great Wrap launched with a big goal: to make a difference in sustainability. They had a great product, but not many people knew about it. Like many new ideas, Great Wrap's product was something most people hadn't seen before. It was hard for them to understand why this product was special and why they should buy it. Great Wrap needed help to tell their story, show people why their product was important, and grow their sales.

Our Approach

That's where Brighter Click stepped in. We knew we had to get creative to help Great Wrap. First, we worked on making the brand message clearer and more appealing. Then, we managed their ad accounts with smart strategies.

Top of the Funnel (TOF)

We started by creating ads that blended in naturally on social media but still stood out. These ads needed to make people curious and interested in Great Wrap. We got stories about Great Wrap on major news networks in Australia and used these stories as ads. When we put these ads online, they became super popular. People liked, commented, and shared a lot, showing they were interested. And the best part? We got new customers for Great Wrap at a cost of less than $10 each.

Bottom of the Funnel (BOF)

For the next step, our goal was to make people trust and like the Great Wrap brand. We did this by focusing on ads that told the story of the founders and the mission behind Great Wrap. We made the problem of plastic waste feel close to home by talking about how a married couple from Melbourne was working to solve it. This made people feel more connected and ready to take action.


Our strategy worked wonders! In just the first three months, we helped Great Wrap grow their revenue by an incredible 993%! They leveraged the sales to help acquire $24 million from investors during Series A. By September 2022, Great Wrap was doing so well that they increased their production in Australia and started selling in the United States.

Here’s what we achieved
  • An average cost of only $8 to get a new customer.
  • A huge jump in revenue in just three months.
  • Helped Great Wrap get $24 million from investors.

In the end, our approach with creative strategy and media buying helped turn Great Wrap into a successful and well-known sustainability brand, showing the world how a great idea, with the right help, can make a big difference.

Our Creative Work

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Clothing brand Facebook ad example
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