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Learn how we improved this client’s Click-to-Conversion ratio by over 90%!


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Increase in Click to Conversion Ratio


In August 2023, we began working with a healthcare client specializing in psychiatric and neurological medicine studies. They came to us looking to optimize their Facebook ad creative strategy, because they were struggling to reduce their Cost Per Lead (CPL) while scaling ad spend. Their goal was to optimize their monthly ad spend of $360k/month while decreasing the cost per clinical trial signup without compromising lead quality. 


Our team started by doing extensive audience research and creating a comprehensive plan to enhance their Facebook ad creative strategy. In the first month, we developed a 90-day testing plan to diversify creative approaches within the account, aiming to determine the most effective messaging angles and creative designs while improving transparency in tracking ad performance. 

We executed a series of ads in line with our new strategy, optimizing each month based on our data analysis. 


  • During Q4, the client saw a 45.9% decrease in CPL and an impressive 91.5% increase in Click-to-Conversion Ratio. 
  • We continue to work with this client to increase ad diversity and improve their conversion month over month. 

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Clothing brand Facebook ad example
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