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Following its venture round of funding, an eCommerce SaaS company came to us to help expand its market presence in the US and Asia. Using Facebook and Instagram ads, the goal was to drive increased registrations on its websites while reducing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and amplifying ad spend in key markets.


We started with extensive research, exploring the company's customer base and dissecting the marketing strategies of its main competitors. After thoroughly mapping out two distinct buyer personas, we created strategic messaging angles for each. A paid media marketing budget was created based on new user acquisition goals per targeted market.

Our team then created a 90-day creative strategy, including key messaging themes to be tested for each buyer persona. Paid media ads were created and localized to the native language of each target market, and we collaborated closely with the VP of Customer Acquisition to ensure a seamless alignment of the landing page experience with the paid media ads. 

As part of the content package, we also sourced and scripted strategic user-generated content tailored to resonate with the target audience.


  • We orchestrated a 117.39% increase in monthly Facebook ad account spend while reducing the average CAC by 17.6%. 
  • We facilitated significant spend scaling in priority markets, particularly in the United States.
  • Through comprehensive creative testing, we helped their team pinpoint key marketing messaging to integrate into their website and email marketing endeavors.

Our Creative Work

Clothing brand photoshoot inspo
Cosmetic brand Facebook ad example
Clothing brand Facebook ad example
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Supplement brand Facebook ad example

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"Delivered items on time and went, and continue to go above and beyond for us. They take time to understand our business and always come with new ideas on top of their own expertise they provide. They are always flexible and willing to work with our companies fast pace."

Dylan G.
Social Media Advertising Manager

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