The Great Wrap Success Story: From Startup to $24 Million Series A Funding

How Collaboration Fueled a Mission-Driven Startup's Remarkable Journey

January 2019
Addressing Plastic Waste: Jordy & Julia Kay founded Great Wrap in 2019, determined to replace petroleum plastic pallet wraps used for shipments with eco-friendly alternatives.
Great Wrap Sustainability eCommerce Company
June 2019
First Factory Milestone: Jordy & Julia Kay took a significant step in their mission by opening Great Wrap's first factory, enabling them to produce their innovative compostable pallet wrap and bring their sustainable vision to life.
Great Wrap Sustainability eCommerce Company
January 2020
Pivoting Amidst Adversity: As COVID-19 disrupted supply chains and decreasing need for pallet wrap in early 2020, Jordy & Julia Kay swiftly adapted, pivoting Great Wrap to a DTC eCommerce model providing home kitchen wrap solutions.
June 2021
Striving for Growth: Great Wrap's DTC sales grew, but Jordy & Julia felt they could do more to replace plastic quickly and sought a partnership to help scale their mission effectively.

In June of 2021, they began working with Brighter Click to refine their brand messaging and scale their Facebook Ads.
Q3 2021
Remarkable Growth Spurt: In the first three months of partnering with Brighter Click, Great Wrap's TRIPLED its monthly revenue two consecutive months.

Brighter Click's work with creative strategy and Facebook ads played a big part in this rapid growth.

"We’ve continued to triple our revenue — month over month — since we started working with Brighter Click."

Julia Kay, Co-founder of Great Wrap

July 2022
Securing Series A Funding: Great Wrap's significant progress and demonstrated product viability caught the attention of investors.

In July 2022, they successfully closed their Series A funding round, securing a valuation of $24 million to fuel their mission and growth.
September 2022
U.S. Expansion: In September 2022, Great Wrap took a major leap forward by expanding their operations to the United States, extending their sustainable solutions' reach and furthering their global impact in the fight against plastic waste.
March 2023
🚀 resume Pallet Wrap
Pallet Wrap Launch: Leveraging their DTC success, Great Wrap returned to their initial focus on sustainable pallet wrap.

In March 2023, they proudly launched their innovative pallet wrap product, marking a new chapter in their mission to revolutionize the industry.
2018 - 2019
Setting Sail: Haggard Pirate's Voyage Begins

Jake Scarbrough from Seal Beach, California, a man with a passion for the ocean, launched Haggard Pirate's eCommerce store in April 2018.

By 2019, he experienced a 139.54% growth - a testament to the potential of his ocean-inspired vision.
Riding the COVID Wave: Haggard Pirate's Hyper-Growth

The global pandemic presented an unexpected opportunity for Haggard Pirate. As the world turned to online shopping, the brand saw a massive 347.44% increase in revenue in 2020.

Jake managed to turn the tides of a challenging time into a period of unprecedented growth.
Navigating Choppy Waters: Growth Struggles in 2021

As Haggard Pirate's success soared, Jake faced challenges in maintaining consistent growth.

Balancing marketing, operations, and logistics became increasingly difficult, leading to a revenue decrease of 10.76% in 2021.

With Jake's focus split, the up-and-down cycle of managing inventory and marketing stalled the brand's momentum.
Q1 - Q3 2022
Charting a New Course: Turning the Tide with Brighter Click in 2022

Throughout 2022, Haggard Pirate continued to face growth challenges, witnessing a 24% decrease in Q1 - Q3 sales year-to-date.

In search of a solution, Jake made the strategic decision to partner with Brighter Click in October 2022. This collaboration proved to be the turning point Haggard Pirate needed, steering them toward stability and renewed growth.
Q4 2022 - Q1 2023
Revitalizing Growth: Haggard Pirate's Remarkable Q4 and Q1 Success

As Haggard Pirate closed out Q4 of 2022, they experienced a 14% growth in sales YTD, but it was Q1 of 2023 when the tides truly changed.

Thanks to the partnership with Brighter Click, Haggard Pirate saw a phenomenal 216% increase in Q1 revenue year-over-year, marking an incredible turnaround for the brand and setting them on a course for unprecedented success.
Fractional CMO Partnership: Brighter Click's Comprehensive Growth Plan for Haggard Pirate

In Q1 2023, Brighter Click transitioned into a fractional CMO role for Haggard Pirate, demonstrating its commitment to the brand's long-term growth.

Together with Jake, Brighter Click is developing an extensive marketing growth plan with the goal of reaching and surpassing Haggard Pirate's ambitious revenue target for 2023.
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