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Rocket Fire, an outdoor eCommerce startup, came to us looking for help driving sales. They were confident in their product following impressive traction from a Kickstarter campaign, but they couldn’t seem to communicate their product through paid ads in a way that led to significant purchases. 


Our first step was to conduct extensive customer research to help us better understand their audience’s purchasing motivations and habits. This helped us to create unique brand messaging and develop a strategic Facebook ad creative strategy, which we tested and optimized over the coming months.

We then worked with the client to build a list of influencers in their niche, and seed products with the goal of gaining awareness and sales through the influencers platforms.

At the same time, we collaborated with one of our partner agencies to overhaul Rocket Fire's website, making it more visually appealing and optimizing it for a seamless user experience to improve conversion rates.


  • Within just two months, Rocket Fire saw a staggering increase of over 500% in total sales.
  • Before they began working with our team, sales from January to April had been $8,425.00. May sales skyrocketed after we revamped their ad strategy, and in the last full week of May, just seven days, they brought in $18,839.50. 
  • May's total sales were $47,073.50, with 348 orders!
  • Growth was so rapid that it led to inventory depletion twice within the first six months, causing a pivot towards driving pre-orders.

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Clothing brand Facebook ad example
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