Rocket Fire


Increase in Website Conversion Rate


Monthly Revenue Growth in First 3 Months


Average Return On Investment


Rocket Fire, a startup with a great product, had a big challenge. They had seen some success from a Kickstarter campaign, but when it came to selling their product using paid ads, things weren't going so well. Their ads just weren't clicking with people. They needed to find a way to get their sales to really take off and make sure they could keep growing and making a profit.


We knew the first step was to really understand who Rocket Fire's customers were. So, we kicked off the partnership researching the voice of its ideal customer. We wanted to find out what made them tick and what they really needed. Once we had all that information, we refined up Rocket Fire's brand message and the Facebook ad creative strategy.

At the same time, we recommended a partner agency to refine Rocket Fire's website with the goal of improving conversion rates. This was all about making sure that when people clicked on the ads, they landed on a website that was just as appealing and easy to use.


The changes we made had a huge impact. By the end of that second month, their total sales had gone up by more than 500%. It was an incredible jump, showing just how powerful it can be to really understand your customers and speak their language.

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