Facebook Ads that Convert, Campaigns that Scale

Combat rising ad costs with ad creative and campaign strategies that drive profitable growth.

Elevate Your Ad Creative

Need help deciding which creative direction to take? Our expert designers don't just create; they strategize and optimize based on results. From conception to execution, we've got your content needs covered.
Clothing Brand Ad Creative

Eliminate the Performance Rollercoaster

Frustrated by campaigns that drop off as you scale? We use a full-funnel strategy to ensure your ads drive consistent success.

Data-backed Decisions: Every Step of the Process

Every choice we make comes from what your numbers and customer feedback tell us, meaning more wins and fewer misses for your brand.

Supercharge Your Facebook Ads Strategy

Ready to take your Facebook ads to the next level? Let's optimize your campaigns for consistent performance and growth. Join us now and start driving tangible results with data-driven strategies.


Will the person we communicate with know what's happening in the account?

Of course. We see value in connecting clients directly with the strategists working on their account. While we highly value project managers, we believe the point of contact needs to understand how to optimize the performance so that emails and scheduled calls aren't a game of telephone. Because the last thing you want to hear is, "That's a good question. After this call, I will ask the team and get back to you."

Do you provide ad creatives?

Yes we do. We are able to edit static graphics, gifs, and videos using any existing assets you may have. We are also able to source UGC and produce photo and video content. Before designing any ads, our team researches the voice of your customers and competitors to understand the motivators driving customer reviews and competitors' marketing messaging. With these insights we plan a 90-day creative strategy.

What does the onboarding process look like?

You will sign off on this Scope of Work and pay the initial invoice.

Brighter Click will send the onboarding forms for you to complete. This form generally takes 30 minutes and centralizes all the information we need for a successful partnership.

A Calendly link to schedule the kickoff call is at the end of the form. There is a 4-day minimum gap from the time of scheduling to the call to allow the Brighter Click team time to review your information and begin planning ideas for account optimizations based on the existing campaigns running and creative strategy.

We will complete the onboarding call to align on strategies and account goals before moving forward with the project.

Brighter Click will begin making optimization to existing account structures and campaigns with the goal of bringing shorter-term wins to the business.

Brighter Click will have the new account set up and launched within 14 business days of the kickoff call. This is defined by net new creative, copy, and campaign strategies. These 14 business days are spent planning campaign structures, doing audience and competitor research, writing creative briefs, designing ad creatives, and writing ad copy.

What are the contract terms and commitments?

We believe in flexibility. Initially, we work on a month-to-month basis, without long-term contracts. However, after 3-6 months of proven value, we can discuss the option of reduced rates for extended contracts. We aim to build long-lasting relationships through our work and effective communication.

What type of reporting do you provide?

We provide real-time reports tailored to your business. You may want to see performance by market, product category, level of funnel, or the overall account. We also provide transparent reports on the performance of our ad creative using a metric created in-house called the Creative Success Rate. The CSR measures the percentage of creatives from each brief that performs better than the 28-day account average. This allows everyone involved to see if our strategies are incrementally improving or declining.