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The Great Wrap Success Story: From Startup to $24 Million Series A Funding

How Collaboration Fueled a Mission-Driven Startup's Remarkable Journey

Average Cost
Per Acquisition
Revenue growth
in first 3 months
Million in
investor funding
The Problem
Founders Julia and Jordy Kay broke new ground with Great Wrap, their eco-friendly answer to everyday cling wrap.

However, they faced a significant hurdle: the unfamiliarity of their product made it difficult to entice first-time customers, even with their efforts in Facebook advertising.
Great Wrap Sustainability eCommerce Company
The Objectives
Our collaboration aimed to convert curiosity into conversions, targeting a cost per acquisition (CPA) below $10 AU for their $27 AOV product.

In addition, we sought to amplify their brand's potential and secure investor interest through rapid scaling of their ad account.
Great Wrap Sustainability eCommerce Company
Our Tailored Strategy
For groundbreaking innovations like Great Wrap, customer education is vital. We needed to introduce, familiarize, and normalize this environmentally conscious alternative.

Our strategy put the spotlight on content designed to educate at the top of the funnel.

Simultaneously, we let the founders' story and the brand's mission shine at the bottom of the funnel, weaving an engaging story around their disruptive product.
eCommerce brand as seen in Rolling Stone
The Results
The results of our strategic approach were tangible: the community engagement surged with thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

More importantly, we met our primary target, achieving a new customer CPA under $10 AU.

Our swift and strategic scaling of ad spend led to a tripling of Great Wrap's monthly revenue for two consecutive months, helping Great Wrap secure its Series A funding round with a valuation of 24 million.

In September 2022, riding on the wave of this success, Great Wrap scaled up its production in Australia and expanded its eco-friendly footprint to the United States.
eCommerce brand partnership with a marketing agency

Haggard Pirate's Epic Voyage: The Journey to Unprecedented Growth

Stabilizing the Seas: A Clothing Company's Enhanced Growth through Brighter Click

Average Cost
Per Acquisition
Revenue growth
in first 6 months
Average Return
On Investment
The Problem
As a passionate creator and the solo founder of his business, Jake found himself juggling marketing efforts alongside day-to-day operations.

The balance was unreliable: each successful scale of his marketing initiatives would result in depleted inventory, creating a need to slow down marketing until the stock could be replenished.

This cycle was limiting the brand's growth potential and Jake's time to do what he loved most: creating and launching innovative new products.
Two men fishing
The Objectives
The task at hand was clear: transfer the reins of marketing operations to an agency that could proactively own the role and scale revenue profitably.

This would empower Jake to focus on the product development side of his business, catalyzing growth on all fronts.
Clothing brand warehouse
Our Tailored Strategy
Our journey with Jake's business began in October 2022, initially providing Facebook paid ads consulting. After demonstrating our capabilities over two fruitful months, we shifted into a full account management role.

We kicked off with the design of a quarterly marketing growth plan, aimed to improve key metrics like CTR, add-to-cart rate, and conversion rate.

Our strategy prioritized compelling creative content, a crucial growth lever for eCommerce brands. We made it a priority to produce high-quality lifestyle product photos and videos that resonated with the brand's target audience.

We capitalized on this steady stream of fresh content, launching it in ad campaigns.
Clothing brand lifestyle photography
The Results
The results of our partnership were impressive: Jake's brand experienced a whopping 216% increase in sales in Q1 2023 compared to the same period in the previous year.

The brand's commitment to high-quality creative content and our strategic advertising efforts culminated in exponential growth.

In Q1 2023 alone, we amplified Jake's monthly Facebook ad spend by 84%, maintaining an impressive average return on ad spend (ROAS) above 2x.

Additionally, the launch of Google Ads resulted in an astonishing average monthly ROAS of 6x.

Even more impressive, we achieved a 26% revenue increase in Q1 2023 compared to Q4 2022.
Clothing brand partnered with Brighter Click

Rocket Fire Ignites Market Interest

How Tailored Messaging Propelled a Startup to Over 500% Sales Growth

Increase in website
conversion rate
Monthly revenue growth
in first 3 months
Average Return
On Investment
The Problem
As a startup, our client had developed an excellent product, but they were struggling to get their sales off the ground.

Despite their best efforts, their messaging wasn't resonating with the audience, leaving a great product unnoticed.
Torch used for grilling
The Objectives
The key objective was to recalibrate their marketing messaging and strategy to not only drive sales but ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

The opportunity was to understand the audience deeply and align the messaging with their needs and aspirations.
Man lighting a fire in a grill
Our Tailored Strategy
We recognized that the core issue was a gap in understanding the customer. So, we spent the first month immersed in thorough customer research.

Our aim was to understand the motivations and needs that drive their purchasing decisions.

Armed with this insight, we overhauled their ad messaging strategy to reflect the audience's core needs accurately.

Meanwhile, one of our partner agency's embarked on refining their brand story and enhancing their website.
eCommerce brand outdoor lifestyle shot
The Results
The shift in strategy triggered an extraordinary transformation.

In the second month, a single week saw more than double the sales made in the first four months of the year.

By the end of month two, the total sales had surged dramatically, marking an increase of over 500% in monthly sales
eCommerce brand partnership with Brighter Click

Driving Growth for a Billion-Dollar eCommerce SaaS Company

Harnessing the Power of Social Listening to Drive User Acquisition and Streamline Marketing Messaging

in CAC
in first year
Million in
investor funding
The Problem
In September 2021, a high-profile eCommerce SaaS company with a fresh injection of $240 million in funding sought Brighter Click's expertise.

Its challenge: to amplify its paid media strategy, accelerate the acquisition of new users, and clarify its messaging to effectively capture high-intent users.
The Objectives
The objectives were threefold: to scale customer acquisition via enhanced paid media strategy, reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and refine its messaging to better connect with its target audience.
Our Tailored Strategy
We embarked on a multifaceted approach to understand the company's audience better, improve its marketing messaging, and optimize its paid media strategy. At the forefront of our strategy was social listening.

We actively monitored and analyzed conversations, reviews, and comments about the company on social platforms, blogs, forums, and news sites.

This wealth of data provided invaluable insights into the needs, preferences, and pain points of its customers. With a sharper understanding of the voice of the customer, we could refine the company's marketing messaging to better connect with its target audience.
The Results
The impact of our partnership was unmistakable and impressive. Within the first 14 months, we managed to scale up the company's monthly Facebook ad spend by a significant 117.39%.

At the same time, we brought down the average CAC by a noteworthy 17.6%.

Our enhanced marketing messaging, guided by social listening, resonated well with the audience and led to an increased rate of user acquisition.

The refined messaging, alongside the optimized media strategy, proved successful, and we are now entrusted with the creative strategy for additional businesses within the company's expansive portfolio.

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